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Nutrition and Dietetics

Eating appropriate food and maintaining a healthy diet are essential components to performing at your peak. The Barwon Sports Academy provides athletes with access to dietitians to help create their optimal dietary plan.


Nutrition is one of the major factors which influence the body's ability to perform athletically. To perform at their best athletes need to be well fuelled. This means eating a nutritious and well balanced diet on a daily basis, preparing for training sessions and recovering afterwards by eating a combination of the right foods and fluids.
All BSA athletes take place in a nutrition education session that provides an introduction to sports nutrition and goes over the fundamentals required for optimal performance.
In addition to this BSA athletes have access to Dietiatians for one on one consults where they can work together to establish individual goals and strategies. If you would like to have an individual consult with one of the BSA dietitians please see provider Bio’s below or contact the BSA to discuss further.

BSA Dietitians



Anne Buso - Sports Dietitian, B. Science; Masters of Nut & Dietetics; ADP; Concultant Dietitian


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