Nutrition is one of the major factors which influence the body's ability to perform athletically. To perform at their best athletes need to be well fuelled. This means eating a nutritious and well balanced diet on a daily basis, preparing for training sessions and recovering afterwards by eating a combination of the right foods and fluids.

The BSA provides athletes with a comprehensive nutrition program that equips them with an understanding of nutrition and how it impacts on their athleticp performance, recovery, sleep, concentration and so much more. Athletes are provided with a whole of acdaemy workshop that will introduce them to the basics of nutrition and then each partner sport will have a smaller, more hands on approach session specific to their sport. On top of this atheltes also have access to two highly qualified and experienced Sport's Dietitians for individual consults.

BSA Dietitians

  • Dominique Condo - Sports Dietitian, B. Science (Biomed), Masters of Nut and Dietetics, PhD, APD, AccSD¬†

    Dominique's Bio, prices and booking information can be found here.

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